Face Lace

by Wendy Ann Rosen

by Phyliis Cohen If you consider yourself an adventurous beauty addict that is seeking the next exciting fashion thrill, then you are sharing the vision of Facelace founder, Phyllis Cohen. Phyllis is a makeup artist who is famous for her intricate designs and staggeringly bold fashion feats. Consider painting a desert scene which transformed from night to day, to full bloom, all on an eyelid, for a TV commercial, with no CGI. This is the sort of thing Phyllis considers a normal day at the office! If you look at the detail in the fashion illustrations Phyllis did at the start of her career you’ll understand why. How about body painting six album covers for Pink Floyds “back catalogue” poster in just six hours? This is all in a day’s work for Phyllis. However, success such as this doesn’t happen overnight. Some of her best work dates back to the 80’s for Zandra Rhodes fashion shows. It was at this stage when she first crafted make-up appliqués out of latex, fabric, beads and rhinestones which have inspired the creation of Face Lace. Her huge portfolio includes advertising campaigns for top companies such as Clinique, Revlon, Vichy and the Body Shop. She always pushes the limit on any project, taking everything to new levels and providing innovating exciting ideas. It is thanks to this that she became a favourite make-up artist for the likes of other bold and extravagant characters, such as Annie Lennox, Steve Strange and David Bowie. More recently, Phyllis designed tattoos for Jean-Paul Gaultier and House of Holland, and her editorial work spans Vogue to Dazed and Confused magazines. Thanks to her illustration background and MA fine art degree, Phyllis has developed an eye for big ideas and the talent to execute them into real fashion masterpieces. In response to constant expressions of admiration asking “How can I do make-up like you?”, she has focused this amazing talent, passion and drive to be different into Face Lace. Now you too can adorn your face with mind-blowing make-up in just minutes. Face Lace is a no-fade, no-smudge range of ready-to-wear makeup designs that will instantly turn you into an "It Girl". Apply them in less than a minute but look like you had your own personal makeup artist working on you for hours! Peel off – Stick on – Show off! Visit Face-Lace Website for more information and online store: www.face-lace.com