Pictor Pyxis

PIK-tor PIX-iss: (n) Constellations, meaning glowing magnet of the painters canvas Makeup/Photography by Jessica Taylor

Hats Uncovered

A great hat is the perfect way to frame a beautiful makeup. Hats from the…

A Simple Line

Sometimes all you need is a simple liner. Photographer Nate Nunez   [Show thumbnails]  

Mannequin Menagerie

A collection of vintage mannequin heads reproduced on models. Photographer Brian Leatart [Show thumbnails]  

Bold and Fresh

Bold lips, bold eyes and fresh flowers. Photographer Omri Koresh [Show thumbnails]   Bold lips,…

Matte is Back

Bright matte lips make a comeback! Photographs by Beth Coller [Show thumbnails]     MAC…

An Eyes Perspective

The focus is on the smoky eyes. Photographs by Raymond Lee [Show thumbnails]

Grey Skies

Makeup on a cloudy day. Photographs by Nate Nunez [Show thumbnails]  

Gold Framed

Gold makes the perfect compliment to beautiful dark skin. Photographs by Raul Vega [Show thumbnails]