Roshar Workshop

by Abby Woodman

World-renowned makeup artist Roshar shared his knowledge with a handful of eager artists last year in an incredibly informative, one-day workshop. Nowadays is it difficult to flip through a magazine without seeing Roshar’s work, and his style is instantly recognizable. With such a strong sense of individuality and such widespread success, it was no surprise that the makeup community from Orange County to Las Vegas and everywhere in between came to hear what he had to say. Once a small-town Texas boy, Roshar got his inspiration for makeup from the club kid scene of the late eighties and early nineties. Once the culture began to die down, Roshar was faced with the decision of what to do now, and makeup seemed to be the natural choice. His career flourished in the Philippines and Singapore, and it didn’t take long for word of his talents to reach back to the states. His graphic shapes and bold designs allude directly to the trends of the club culture of his youth, and his out-of-the-box thinking makes him a desired artist for fashion photographers worldwide. He now travels the world doing beauty, editorial, and fantasy makeup for major publications such as Vogue and Harpers BAZAAR. Roshar also spoke on his tendency to use items for purposes other than their given intention, and encouraged us to do the same. Many of his makeup looks incorporate various random objects, including some of his most iconic looks, which feature plastic lettering. While each demonstration was vastly different in style, both finished looks were so obviously and indisputably the work of Roshar. His style is unique and recognizable. In the end, we were all left with a heightened sense of creativity and a new way of thinking about inspiration. In the words of Roshar, “inspiration is your favorite color when you were 8, your favorite song when you were in high school, and your favorite place you’ve ever been. Let everything around you inform your inspiration”.