Miya Tamlyn

by Wendy Ann Rosen


Miya is a professional makeup artist based out of Los Angeles, CA specializing in beauty, TV and film, FX, and creature/concept designing. Miya had a great passion for makeup since she was a child, her inspiration coming from the lack of Asian role models in the media at the time. As a teen, there were very few Asians in TV, film, and the fashion industry to be inspired by so she started practicing on herself. She started out in Washington, DC where she did mainly bridal and freelance work for theater, music productions, and musicians. She has since worked for a major beauty retailer gaining knowledge and experience with a multitude of makeup companies as well as specializing in skincare. Since then, she has moved back home to her native town of Los Angeles where she continues to work and freelance furthering her craft. Last year, she made the decision to attend Cinema Makeup School to further her passion and career. The school had allowed her to take an accelerated course in beauty where she met Wendy Anne Rosen. She complete the masters program in July of 2013 as well as had the pleasure of being in both the character and beauty fellowships with Leonard Engleman.

Miya has done photoshoots in New York for alternative models, and been published through Cinema Makeup School. Currently, she still works in the beauty retail industry while freelancing as much as she can. She participated in a booth demo for Cinema Makeup School for San Diego's Comic Con in July, wrapped an independent film in August, and is a lab technician and makeup artist for a steampunk webseries called Tinker. She is very open-minded, loving everything from risque to high fashion, and always willing to push herself to the next level.

Contact Miya: Email: miya.tamlyn@gmail.com