Margaux Rocher

by Wendy Ann Rosen


Since my childhood I love and practice Art, by painting drawing and sculpting. This passion , added to my love of cinema and particularly fantastic movies pushed me to study Artistic make-up , so in I 2010 completed a certificate course in make-up artistry in France , I found it fascinating and wanted to learn more so I decided in 2012 to enroll in Cinema make up school in Los Angeles for the Master program. I discovered different perspectives , how to design, sculpt prosthetics, mold and create monsters. But also with the beauty classes how to modify the face of someone with colors, light and shadows in order to enhance her beauty . I had the chance to participate on various projects for shorts movies in France , photos shootings, and internship for an opera. I really loved the aspect of make-up that consist to imagine a character and bring it to life in a concrete form through the use of different techniques.