Uncover Reviews: Besame Cosmetics Violet Lightening Powder

by Angie Davis

Besamevioletpowder2The formulation: The translucent powder is finely milled and when applied feels silky on the skin. The powder contains no spf and will photograph well. It is formulated for all skin tones with a violet tint that is meant to brighten the skin as well as a violet scent.    The packaging: On the lid of the jar you will notice chrysanthemums. This design motif is present in every Besame product and was chosen because of the popularity of the flower in early deco packaging. The jar comes packaged in a lavender and ivory vintage inspired box. Inside the jar you will find a powder puff and a sifter (which was removed for photo purposes).BesameVioletPowder Brightening Violet Powder I found this powder did a really nice job setting Besame's Souffle foundations. It provided a matte finish to the skin and wasn't too heavy. I did have to keep re-applying which in most cases is normal and expected. I applied it with a brush and with a powder puff and I feel the powder puff did a better job. The powder  is very fine and went on the skin smoothly. I did notice a subtle brightening to the face but I didn't notice the lavender smell.  Final Thoughts: The powder does what it says. It sets foundation and subtly brightens the skin. I also really like the silky finish it leaves to the skin. I'm glad that I wasn't able to smell the violet scent because I personally prefer (other than lip products) non-scented cosmetics.   To see the powder is use check out this video