by Wendy Ann Rosen

It is important to know and appreciate the top photographers, including the pioneers of the industry, the most famous fashion photographers, along with other areas of photography like nature and architecture. Alix Malka Alix Malka was Thierry Mugler’s right hand man for a number of years. Alix Malka worked closely on all aspects of the couturier’s work, notably with the production of the designer’s photographs taken across the globe. Benjamin Von Wong Motivated by the desire to be creatively challenged and overcome impossibilities, Benjamin Von Wong has become notorious for his epic photography. His hyper-realistic art style captures viewers in a fusion of special effects and innovative concept. Albert Sanchez Albert Sanchez's career began in Paris as a portrait photographer and expanded into the fields of celebrity portraiture, beauty and fashion. His photographic style references Hollywood glamour photography and brings it into today's aesthetic. His celebrity portraits include: Nicole Kidman, Mick Jagger, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lopez. He has shot beauty campaigns for: Revlon, L'Oreal, Paul Mitchell and Wella. Happy Camera Day! Through the years, photography has touched every one of our lives on many personal levels, from old black and white snapshots to camera-phone selfies. Facial Symmetry by Alex John Beck Science says that people with more symmetrical faces are perceived to be more beautiful than those with distinctive and disproportional features. So photographer Alex John Beck put the theory to the test in his series "Both Sides Of." Herb Ritts Herb Ritts began his photographic career in the late 70's and gained a reputation as a master of art and commercial photography. Herb Ritts was drawn to clean lines and strong forms. This graphic simplicity allowed his images to be read and felt instantaneously. Vivian Maier Vivian Maier was an american street photographer. Maier's images predominantly depict street scenes in Chicago and New York, in the 1950s and 1960 Yousuf Karsh Yousuf Karsh was a Turkish-born Canadian photographer known for his portraits of important personages. He went on to photograph many of the world’s most prominent personalities, including royalty, statesmen, artists, and writers. Karsh used dramatic lighting to meticulously model his subjects’ faces, thereby obtaining a monumental and idealized presentation that helped promote their public image.